DESS Product presentation: DESS® Multi-Unit Abutment

The Ultimate Multi-Unit Abutment System.

Upgrade your All-on-X restorations with DESS® MUA.

Our product profile series continues with another addition as we highlight some of the most cutting-edge solutions in the dental industry. This time, we are pleased to introduce the DESS® Multi-Unit, which is our fourth featured product in the series.


Multi-Unit Abutments for dental professionals.

The DESS® Multi-Unit Abutment is a versatile and innovative solution for dental professionals who need to restore multiple implants in a single patient. This distinctive abutment system is designed to work with the most popular implant platforms, making it a flexible and adaptable choice for any dental practice.

Available in 3 different versions.

  • Multi-Unit Straight, non-engaging.
  • Multi-Unit Angulated: 17º, engaging.
  • Multi-Unit Angulated: 30º, engaging.

Available in different gingival heights.

DESS® Multi-Unit Abutments are available in different gingival heights to allow adjusting for different implants depths.

Full thread cone connection.

DESS® Multi-Unit’s full thread cone connection provides a safer and more stable prosthesis.

Full thread cone connection MUA

Standardized prosthetic platform.

DESS® Multi-Unit is ideal ALL-on-X restorations, with a standardised prosthetic platform (based in Nobel® Biocare shape design) for screw-retained prosthetics.

Full shaped connection.

DESS® Multi-Unit full shaped connection provides more stability on the prosthesis-implant connection.

full shaped cone connection MUA

Vertical screw access.

DESS® Multi-Unit screw access is the same as the implant axis to provide ease of insertion of the prosthesis.

vertical screw access MUA

Carrier included.

All DESS® Multi-Unit Abutments include a carrier to facilitate the prosthesis’ in-mouth insertion. DESS® Angulated Multi-Unit comes with a special carrier that stops the screw from falling and facilitate insertion in an angled position.

MUA carrier

Manufactured in Titanium Grade V ELI.

Digital Workflow.

DESS Multi-Unit Abutments are available with DESS® free libraries for Exocad, 3Shape and Dental Wings software, facilitating a streamlined digital workflow for dental professionals.

Comaptible with 14 implant systems.

Astratech Implant SystemTM EV, Astratech OsseospeedTM, Biohorizons® Internal, 3i Osseotite®, Osstem® TS, Mis® Seven, Neodent® Grand Morse, Nobel Active® & Nobel Replace® CC, Nobel Brånemark®, Nobel Replace Select, Straumann® BLX, Straumann® Bone Level, Dentium SuperlineTM, Zimmer Screw-Vent®.

Full assortment of abutments for use on Multi-Unit.

DESS Dental has a wide range of abutments for use on Multi-Unit: DESS® Scan Abutments, DESS® transfers, DESS® temporary abutments (in PEEK and Titanium), DESSLoc®, DESS® Tibase, ANGLEBase®, CoCr base and DESS® castables.


100% Compatible Multi-Unit | The Pure Switch Concept.

DESS Dental takes it a step further by implementing the Pure Switch concept throughout our entire product portfolio, assuring that each of our products and their components are engineered to perfectly match the implant connection.


In conclusion, the DESS® Multi-Unit Abutment is the perfect solution for clinical cases with multiple implant restorations. With its compatibility with numerous implant platforms, availability in different versions and gingival heights, and advanced features such as the full thread cone connection and vertical screw access, the DESS® Multi-Unit is a flexible and adaptable choice for any dental practice. Additionally, its compatibility with popular digital workflow systems makes it an efficient and seamless addition to any practice.

If you wish to have more information about DESS® Multi-Unit Abutment system, you can head to the Multi-Unit section on our website, download the DESS® Multi-Unit catalogue or contact us at