DESS® abutments compatible with Megagen® for dental implants

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13 Items

DESS® prosthetic abutments for Megagen® dental implants

Megagen® is a multinational company operating worldwide in more than ninety countries. It specializes in the development and manufacture of various products within the implantology sector, as well as bone regeneration products and a wide range of dental instruments.

Its clinical trajectory goes back more than thirty years, and some of its main objectives are to minimize pain for the patients, accelerate the healing processes in dental implantology and improve functionality with perfect aesthetics as a final result.

It is a brand that is characterized by the application of innovation in all its projects and advances in the complete transition from analogue to digital. It combines knowledge in biology, mechanics and design, among other subjects. Currently, they offer different solutions both for excellent oral health and for the different lines of dental implants.

If you work with this brand in your dental clinic or laboratory, you will need dental abutments for Megagen® that are up to the same high-quality standards. In addition, they must guarantee proper compatibility.

If the dental abutments for Megagen® do not fit perfectly with the implants and dentures, the treatment may be affected. These prosthetic elements are not only responsible for proper osseointegration, but they also ensure the stability and alignment of the individual parts. Therefore, it is essential that they comply with the characteristics.

Megagen® dental implant abutments of the highest quality at the best price

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