DESS® Dental scan abutments

We have available diferente scan abutments for a wide range of optical scanners designed together with specialists at Exocad® company. Available in desktop and intra-oral versions.


33 items


33 items


The design of these abutments are integrated in the official libraries from Exocad®, 3Shape® and Dental Wings® allowing for CAD work on DESS® interfaces in both single and multiple restorations.

Desktop Scan Abutment:

  • Made of Tecapeek® (Exeption: Ankylos® = Titan)
  • Laser-marked
  • Sand-blasted for better optical properties.
  • Desktop Scan Abutment comes without a prosthetic screw. 

Intraoral Scan Abutment:

  • The Intraoral Scan Abutment is made of Titanium grade V ELI. 
  • No hole, no distorsion
  • Toolness
  • Clear precision on X-ray

The intra-oral scan abutment has an integrated screw and a design that minimizes scan distortion. Thanks to the improvement of the Intraoral Scan Abutment you will be able to appreciate with the exact precision the position of the Scan Abutment in a radiography.