DESS Lifetime Warranty

DESS Dental provides patient safety and customer confidence. The DESS warranty is probably the most comprehensive on the market with a Lifetime warranty on all DESS components and 3rd party implants.

What is the 3rd party warranty?

DESS provides a lifetime replacement warranty for all components including the abutment screw manufactured and supplied by Terrats Medical SL.

We will also guarantee third-party implants used in combination with our components excluding immediate restorations. In case of implant failure, we guarantee reimbursement of prosthetic components and the implant.

The third-party warranty will apply if the manufacturer of the implant used limits or refuses its guarantee on the implant because it was used in combination with a DESS abutment. The third-party implant warranty does not cover:

  • Immediate restorations
  • Damage to our products or the implant due to external effects such as an accident or comparable incidents, as well as medical malpractice
  • Failure of third-party implants, such as material or manufacturing defects
  • Failure of our products or the implants in cases of contraindication such as alcoholism, diabetes, smoking or drug addiction
  • Further claims and consequential damages such as laboratory charges or the costs of clinical and/or dental treatment

Important: We do not provide a third-party implant warranty when the warranty period of the original implant has expired. To apply for the warranty you have to comply with the recommendations and instructions of our product IFUs.

How to proceed in the improbable case you need to deal with a claim:

  1. The customer applies for the warranty through the technical support department or his distributor.
  2. The technical support team will contact the customer as soon as possible.
  3. The customer must fill in the form and send it to the support team and send or return the sterilised product.

How do we ensure that our products last a lifetime?

  • Rigorous quality controls under the most exhaustive certifications: 9001 and 13485 ISO, CE, MDSAP, FDA, Health Canada and others.
  • 100% visual check of all our products
  • Exhaustive fatigue testing