DESS® ELLIPTIBase® for dental implants

The ELLIPTIBase® system from DESS® Dental is what you need in your dental clinic or laboratory to work comfortably in the placement of implants that are in areas with little space to manipulate. This system features a unique and highly efficient design that guarantees excellent results without sacrificing any of the features expected of this type of solution. This design guarantees excellent results without sacrificing any of the features expected of this type of solution. Get it now in our online shop at the highest quality and a competitive price!


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6 Items

ELLIPTIBase® is compatible with multiple implant brands

The lack of space in the oral cavity can prevent the use of some dental implant solutions developed in some patients, as the dimensions of these are larger and their geometry requires specific characteristics. ELLIPTIBase® is the system that we at DESS® Dental have developed to put an end to this problem.

The elliptical design offers the possibility of more space for the restorative material and allows the cementation area to be practically the same as in traditional dental abutments. Thus, it can be easily adjusted to the patient's structure and the patient still receives the highest quality and most effective treatment with excellent aesthetics.

The ELLIPTIBase® system from DESS® Dental uses other special features to achieve the same results as other solutions. These include a 20° entry angle in the access channel, ZrN surface treatment for improved mechanics and a patented SelectGrip surface that exponentially increases retention in prosthetic restorations.

ELLIPTIBase® by DESS® Dental of the highest quality at the best price

The ELLIPTIBase® solution is designed for implants with 3 and 3.5 diameter platforms; and for areas with more work and where aesthetics is an objective to be achieved, such as incisors. In addition, it offers perfect compatibility with the main dental implant manufacturers on the market.

For a better orientation of the ELLIPTIBase®, we have created two versions: flat and corner, the choice of which will depend on the orientation of the implant to be placed.

In terms of compatibility, ELLIPTIBase® can be used with NobelActive® NobelReplace® CC, Straumann® Soft Tissue level & synOCTA®, Straumann® Bone Level, Zimmer® Screw-vent and Biohorizons® Internal. If you would like to incorporate this top quality and competitively priced solution into your practice or laboratory, please go to the DESS® Dental online shop and download our catalogues.