DESS® Dental abutments compatible with Medentis® ICX implants

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13 Items

DESS® Dental compatible prosthetic abutments for Medentis® ICX implants

Medentis® is a German company that operates internationally in the field of dental implantology, CAD/CAM prosthetics and aesthetic dentistry. One of its flagship products is Medentis® ICX dental implants, as well as ICX-dental 5, which use patient-specific abutments.

Medentis® ICX dental implants are made of very high purity titanium and are the result of the cold forming of pure titanium during manufacture. As a result, it has superior mechanical properties to processes in which it is heated. The surface is sand-blasted and etched at high temperatures to facilitate biological and mechanical anchorage in the bone.

In terms of its geometry, it seeks functionality, with a self-tapping apical thread that guarantees primary stability, an exclusive condensation thread in the middle and upper zone for compacting the cancellous bone, and a micro-thread in the neck of the implant to transmit force in the cortical bone contact.

If the aim is to ensure correct fixation and adequate stability during and after treatment, it is necessary to choose dental abutments for Medentis® ICX that offer maximum compatibility. Since this is an area that is continuously exposed to wear and movement, if the quality is not adequate, premature wear and tear and even instability can occur.

Medentis® ICX dental implant abutments of the highest quality at the best prices

DESS® Dental's Medentis® ICX prosthetic abutments have been designed by expert professionals using machinery that guarantees maximum precision in each of their components. In this way, perfect compatibility with the brand is achieved. This is key to promoting rapid tissue healing and, consequently, the successful completion of implantology treatment.

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