DESS® prosthetic abutments compatible with Osstem® TS implants

At DESS® Dental we offer 100% Osstem®-compatible dental abutments. If you work with Osstem® implant systems in your clinic or dental laboratory, don't hesitate to take a look at our online catalog! Discover the highest quality dental products and solutions in the DESS® Dental shop.


17 Items


17 Items

DESS® compatible prosthetic abutments for Osstem® dental implants

Osstem® is one of the top five dental implant companies worldwide. They lead the Asian and Pacific markets, producing a wide range of products that are exported to many countries in Europe and Asia. They use continuous monitoring of market developments and the collection of medical reports, which are analyzed with rigorous scientific tests to enable the progressive improvement of the quality of dental implants.

They currently work with three lines of dental implants: ET, which achieves optimal morphology, improved surface area and rapid healing; MS, a system using a single-body mini dental implant that is designed for narrow spaces; and SS, with a very rough surface that stimulates bone regrowth and healing.

For all these dental implant systems, it is necessary to acquire Osstem®-compatible dental abutments to allow for proper healing and completion of treatment. To achieve this, in addition to offering high quality, the compatibility between the two products must be excellent.

The resistance offered by Osstem® dental abutments must be considered; continuous use causes wear and tear, and the passage of time itself can also end up deteriorating their structure. Therefore, you should make sure that your choice of purchase meets these requirements perfectly.

Osstem® dental implant abutments of the highest quality at the best prices

At DESS® Dental we offer a wide range of dental abutments that are perfectly compatible with Osstem® implants. Our professionals use state-of-the-art machinery to produce products of the highest precision and compatibility with the brand.

You can find Ti Bases, provisional and scan abutments, multi-unit, pre-milled blanks and more. Check now all their features and availability on our website! High-quality products at competitive prices.