DESS® Dental abutments compatible with BioHorizons® Internal

Do you need dental abutments for Biohorizons Internal implants in your clinic or dental laboratory? At DESS Dental we have an extensive catalog with specific products for Biohorizons Internal, of the highest quality and at the best price. Take a look at all the dental abutments we have available in our online shop!


17 Items


17 Items

DESS® Dental compatible prosthetic abutments for Biohorizons® Internal implants

Biohorizons® is a brand with more than 25 years of experience in the field of dental implantology. It is an internationally known company that stands out for the constant innovation in all its products, as well as for the scientific evidence and the latest advances in technology applied to its solutions.

The brand's most recognized implant lines are Tapered Plus, Tapered Tissue Level and Tapered 3.0. All of them work with advanced Laser-Lok surfaces, which facilitate adhesion to the connective tissue and maintain the crestal bone over time.

To proceed with the placement of implants and prostheses, and thus complete the dental treatment, it is necessary to use dental abutments compatible with Biohorizons® Internal. These abutments allow both parts to be joined together in perfect harmony. At DESS® Dental we have a wide selection of dental abutments that have been specifically designed for this brand. Check out our online catalog for all the products we have available!

Biohorizons® Internal dental implant abutments of the highest quality at the best prices

At DESS® Dental, you can find a multitude of dental abutments 100% compatible with Biohorizons® Internal. Scan abutments, Ti Bases, compatible analogues, hex screws, healing abutments, pre-milled blanks, CoCr bases, and many more.

In the datasheets of each of our products, you can find all the information related to the different platforms, sizes and variations we work with, as well as the packs we have available. Thanks to our team of professionals and the machinery we have, we manufacture high precision parts that are 100% compatible with the brand.

Find all the best quality and competitively priced Biohorizons® Internal-compatible dental abutments in our online shop, enter now and discover all the compatible products!