Celebrating One Year of Our Commitment to the UN Global Compact

This June has a special significance for DESS®, since we are proudly marking our first anniversary of joining the United Nations Global Compact. This important milestone reminds us that our journey has been distinguished by a persistent commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices.

This First Anniversary not only celebrates our past achievements but also renews our resolve to continue this important work.

DESS® | Sustainable Compromise

Long before joining The Global Compact, DESS® had already established sustainability, social value, and ethical practices as integral components of our corporate ethos.

Since 2017, we have been implementing sustainable measures, including the transition to cleaner energy, waste management and energy efficiency programs.

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Our commitment extends to strong social actions and ethical practices, such as adopting ESG policies that guide our business activities and foster a fairer, more inclusive society. This full approach to sustainability underscores our leadership in ethical practices and sets a strong foundation for future accomplishments.

Understanding the UN Global Compact

Since its inception in 1999, The Global Compact advocates for companies worldwide to embrace sustainable practices by adhering to ten principles that involve human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. This initiative has grown to include thousands of businesses globally, which commit to aligning their operations with these core principles and unify efforts towards a better world.

Since joining The Global Compact, DESS® has proactively implemented a range of new measures to more closely align our operations with the United Nations Universal Principles.

Do you want to learn what we have achieved?

Promoting Diversity, Inclusion and Equality

We initiated a Diversity Plan to cultivate an inclusive work environment. This plan not only enhances workplace diversity but also strengthens our commitment to social equity.

By actively participating in events like the World Social Value Summit, we have demonstrated our dedication to creating social impact through business practices.

Equality and community engagement is another initiative we are proud of. The celebration of March 8th, where we commemorate women's rights in society, is a remarkable milestone in our company year after year.

This year, we have focused on raising awareness and supporting women in India.

Supporting Education and Sustainable Practices

In a significant move to support education and promote sustainable practices, we donated a significant amount of tools and office equipment to an industrial school, enhancing educational resources while fostering the circular economy.

Environmental Advocacy and Compliance

We have been proactive in environmental advocacy, initiating awareness campaigns on responsible water usage and implementing a comprehensive waste management protocol. These efforts are complemented by our Environmental Policies and Practices aimed at minimising our impact.

Innovation in Health and Safety

In our commitment to Workplace Safety, we have partnered with the SAMS Foundation to sponsor First Aid Training Sessions. The SAMS Foundation, dedicated to supporting patients and families affected by sudden cardiac death-related arrhythmic syndromes, works with us to emphasise the critical importance of readiness in health emergencies.

Furthermore, for each training session we sponsor, the SAMS Foundation offers a corresponding session to a school at no cost, leveraging our contributions to extend social value within the community.

Implementation of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy

DESS® is a fair company and firmly committed to corporate ethics, which is why we have implemented a crime prevention model, including the development of integrity and anti-corruption policies, as well as the code of ethics and the development of the ethical alert channel.

In addition, all our staff have been trained in the new ethics and anti-corruption regulations.

The Future of DESS® and the Global Compact

Looking ahead, we are determined to continue our journey of sustainable growth and ethical excellence. With a solid foundation built on the principles of the Global Compact, we are set to explore new avenues for Corporate Responsibility.

Through our ongoing initiatives and future plans, we exemplify how companies can effectively integrate ethical values into their business models for greater impact.

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