DESS® prosthetic abutments compatible with Dentium® implants

If you want to achieve excellent results in your dental treatments and restorations, it is necessary to opt for Dentium® dental abutments that are perfectly compatible, of exceptional quality and conform to Dentium® standards. Take a look at our DESS® Dental website!


15 Items


15 Items

DESS® Dental compatible prosthetic abutments for Dentium® implants

Dentium® is known worldwide as a manufacturer of dental implant systems for different countries internationally. In each of their creations, they are always committed to innovation and work closely with universities and institutes to research and develop new products that make the technician's work easier. They always offer the highest quality. As proof of this, they have numerous certifications.

They mainly work with three different implant lines: SuperLine, Implantium and NR Line. Implantium has the largest platform thickness, which decreases in SuperLine and is considerably reduced in the NR Line models, as they are designed for structures with a narrow ridge.

Whatever the implant system you work with in your laboratory or dental practice, you will need Dentium®-compatible dental abutments. The quality of the abutments is crucial to ensure that the stabilization process progresses quickly and the treatment is completed as quickly as possible.

This means that the compatibility between Dentium® dental abutments, implants and dentures must be excellent. in addition to precision, the abutments must also be of excellent quality to enable them to survive wear and tear and the passage of time.

Dentium® dental implant abutments of the highest quality at the best price

At DESS® Dental we work with the latest technology, machinery and professionals with a long experience in the creation of high precision pieces. If you need high-quality dental abutments for Dentium®, do not hesitate to take a look at our online catalog.

In our shop, you can consult our entire Dentium®-compatible catalog. You will find different abutments such as scan abutments, castable, hexagonal screws, compatible analogues, pre-milled blanks and more. For each product, you will find a product sheet with all the detailed information about it, such as product dimensions, shape, and types. Check out all the dental prosthetic abutments for Dentium® that we have and get them at competitive prices!