DESS® abutments compatible with MIS® V3 dental implants

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9 Items

DESS® compatible prosthetic abutments for MIS® V3 dental implants

MIS® is a world leading dental implant brand. In 1995, it started to develop innovative solutions and a wide range of advanced products for the dental implant industry. Within its implant range, MIS® Seven is one of its most popular models internationally and is present in more than sixty countries. Its dental solutions have been developed for rehabilitations, reconstructions, and dental implants.

On the other hand, MIS® V3 is another of the brand's most successful dental implants, highlighting the mechanical characteristics that are only present in this model. They stimulate bone regeneration, favoring the increase in the volume of the cortical area. By increasing the stability of the soft tissues in the area, rapid osseointegration is achieved, which facilitates the placement of the implant and the prosthesis, obtaining a better aesthetic result.

MIS® V3 dental implants are characterized by their conical connection, which reduces micro- movements and guarantees a perfect seal, stress reduction in the cortical area, primary stability in the crestal area, and excellent osseointegration due to the roughness of the surface.

To ensure that all these characteristics are met when placing the implant, it is necessary that the MIS® V3 dental abutments used are highly compatible. This will ensure the healing and success of the treatment.

MIS® V3 dental implant abutments of the highest quality at the best price

In the DESS® Dental catalog, you will find a wide range of prosthetic abutments manufactured with the highest precision and compatible with MIS® V3 (Conic MV). In addition to a team of expert professionals, we have specific machinery for the creation of each abutment.

Among the prosthetic abutments for MIS® V3, you can find scan abutments, Ti Bases, hex screws, pre-milled blanks, and much more. Get the best dental abutments at competitive prices in our online shop!