DESS® abutments compatible with Neodent® Grand Morse dental implants

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12 Items

Neodent® Grand Morse dental abutments for dental implants

The Neodent® Grand Morse connection is a unique combination that is characterised by a switching platform with a 16° deep Morse taper Ti base. As the contact surface between abutment and implant is very large, the loads are optimally distributed. Internal indexing ensures a stable, rotation-protected, and durable Ti base.

Neodent® Grand Morse implants have been designed with the aim of providing this type of dental treatment with simplicity and efficiency, not only in prosthetic cases but also when it comes to surgical steps. As part of the Straumann® brand, these treatments are backed by the research that characterizes the brand.

To complete treatments correctly and effectively, it is necessary that the dental abutments for Neodent® Grand Morse have excellent brand compatibility. At the same time, they must guarantee, like the implant system itself, protection against movement through good stability as well as resistance to wear and tear through continuous use.

Neodent® Grand Morse dental implant abutments of the highest quality and at the best prices

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