DESS® prosthetic abutments compatible with Phibo® TSH® dental implants

At DESS Dental you have access to a wide range of Phibo TSH-compatible dental abutments for your clinic or dental laboratory. In our online catalog, you can view and buy products of the highest quality and always at competitive prices!


8 Items


8 Items

Phibo® TSH compatible abutments for dental implants

Phibo® is a Spanish multinational company dedicated to creating digital solutions and integrative dentistry. It is positioned as one of the leading brands in the manufacture of dental prostheses using CAD/CAM design solutions.

With more than three decades in the sector, it stands out for the innovation in all its creations, as well as for its strong scientific component. Its aim is to integrate and simplify daily practice, offer added value and facilitate the work of dentists who opt for these solutions.

The Phibo® TSH implant connection is characterized by offering maximum patient comfort from the outset, an aesthetic result and the care and maintenance of the tissues. In addition, it guarantees stability between bone and implant from the short to the long term.

To achieve this, the surface of Phibo® implants uses Avantblast and the implant body is self-tapping, making them minimally invasive, with biomechanical stimulation and easier implant insertion, which simplifies and reduces clinical processes and rehabilitation time.

In addition to the implant itself, the quality of the prosthetic abutments for Phibo® TSH is also important. When the quality is not sufficient, the progress and completion of the entire treatment is compromised. That's why at DESS® Dental we work with a team of specialists who, together with first-class machinery, achieve high-precision designs and excellent compatibility.

Phibo® TSH dental implant abutments of the highest quality at the best prices

As one of the leading brands in the industry, DESS® Dental has an extensive catalog for Phibo® TSH. This includes products such as analogues, scan abutments, screws, and our angled solution AURUMBase®.

If you want to buy dental abutments for Phibo® TSH of the highest quality, visit our online shop now! All our products are precision manufactured to achieve the compatibility you need and with sufficient resistance to wear and tear over time.