DESS® prosthetic abutments compatible with Camlog® dental implants

In the DESS® Dental online shop, you can find a wide range of dental abutments for Camlog®. We have different dental solutions available for your clinic or laboratory, with the highest quality guarantee of our brand and at competitive prices.


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18 Items

DESS® compatible prosthetic abutments for Camlog® implants

The Camlog® Group launched its range of implants in 1999 and in a short time managed to gain a foothold in the German market. Following the BioHorizons® Camlog® alliance, it has become one of the world's leading suppliers in implantology.

The Camlog® implant system is characterised by prosthetic simplicity, with excellent precision due to the connection between the implant and the Tube-in-Tube abutment, with cams and geometric grooves capable of distributing the force perfectly. It offers several implant lines based on this system, such as Progressive-Line and Screw-Line.

The latter is available in five different implant diameters and four implant lengths, with patented connections for unique abutment positioning, maximum application security and long-term stability. This is why it has become the brand's most successful implant line.

If your clinic or laboratory opts for this brand, don’t hesitate to purchase Camlog®-compatible dental abutments that offer compatibility that is up to the mark. Otherwise, the fixation and progression of the implantology treatment itself will be negatively affected. To achieve the desired results with the same precision and stability that the brand guarantees, they must be present in the dental abutments.

Camlog® dental implant abutments of the highest quality at the best prices

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