DESS® abutments compatible with Dentium SuperLine® & Implantium®

If you work with Dentium® SuperLine and Implantium dental implants, you need to purchase perfectly compatible and high-quality prosthetic abutments for Dentium® SuperLine and Implantium dental implants, which you can now find in the DESS® Dental shop!


15 Items


15 Items

DESS® prosthetic abutments for Dentium® SuperLine and Implantium dental implants

Dentium® is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality dental implant systems and distributes its products to professionals all over the world. Its range of implants includes SuperLine and Implantium, two services that are backed by the brand's research studies.

SuperLine guarantees excellent bone response and offers a margin in the crestal bone. It is also characterized by a design that favors bone preservation and rapid insertion. It has an internal conical and double-threaded connection, which guarantees stabilization of the cavity and harmony with the anatomy of the cavity.

Implantium offers initial stability and maximum sealing between the bone and the fixture, with a design that reduces stress on the cortical bone and minimizes loss of marginal structure.

If your dental practice or laboratory uses this brand, you will also need dental abutments for Dentium® SuperLine & Implantium that are up to the task. This means that they guarantee the above-mentioned stability in combination with the necessary flexibility to allow for movement. In addition, resistance to wear and tear over time must also be up to the task.

Dentium® SuperLine & Implantium abutments of the highest quality at the best prices

On the DESS® Dental website, you will find a wide range of dental abutments for Dentium® SuperLine & Implantium. For example, pre-milled blanks, castable, hexagon screws, scan abutments, Ti bases, and much more are available for you to choose from.

Our team of professionals is expert in the manufacture of high precision and high-quality abutments, so the compatibility is excellent and is our main virtue, giving the name to the Pure Switch® concept. Check out all our products now and get them at competitive prices!