Prosthetic abutments compatible with Conelog® dental implants

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13 Items

DESS® Dental prosthetic abutments for Conelog® dental implants

Conelog® dental implants belong to the Camlog® Group, a company that started its activity in 1999 on the German market. Today, they are part of the BioHorizons® Camlog® alliance, one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of implantology.

Conelog® implants were launched on the market in 2011. It stands out due to the geometry of the implant-abutment connection, which is based on a self-locking inner cone, three implant grooves and three abutment cams. The result is a conical connection with very high precision and stability. In addition, it is compatible with both epicrestal and subcrestal implants and is available in both Progressive-Line and Screw-Line versions.

Moreover, their axial displacement and the increased bone margin distance have a positive effect on long-term crestal bone preservation. However, to achieve precise positioning and ensure that the abutments do not rotate, it is necessary to use dental abutments for Conelog® that guarantee excellent compatibility and follow manufacturing quality standards that live up to the brand name.

At DESS® Dental we work with professionals who are experts in manufacturing parts with excellent precision. Thanks to the quality of the machinery used, dental abutments for Conelog® will allow you to complete your treatments successfully.

Conelog® dental implant abutments of the highest quality at the best prices

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