DESS Distributors Meeting 2024

Reflecting on a Dynamic Event

As we reflect on the recent DESS® Distributors Meeting 2024, held from February 7th to 9th, it's with immense pleasure that we recount the dynamic and insightful three-day event. Welcoming twenty-three DESS® Distributors from across the globe, this gathering proved to be an invaluable opportunity for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and fostering innovation within the field of implantology. Throughout our time together, we engaged in a series of enriching activities, presentations, and discussions aimed at propelling our businesses forward and enhancing the quality of care we provide to patients worldwide.

distributors meeting freixenet

Immersive Program and Product Insights

Throughout the event, attendees were immersed in a dynamic program designed to educate and inspire. We had various training sessions on DESS® Implants and all the New Products scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2024. Additionally, a live surgery, an inspirational coaching session, and various dynamic activities were organised to encourage learning, engagement, and participation.

immersive program and product insights

The event proved to be immensely productive as our Partners and the DESS® Team engaged in meaningful exchanges, sharing innovative strategies for business growth and development.

Day-by-Day Highlights

Keep reading to find out what each day uncovered!

Warm Welcome and Engaging Presentations

The first day started with a very warm welcome conducted by DESS® Sales Director David Torner, followed by a cocktail lunch in Paxton Hotel, setting the tone for what lay ahead.

distributors meeting welcome speech

distributors meeting lunch

DESS® Implants & Live Surgery

In the afternoon, we relocated to Mayo Dental Clinic for a detailed presentation on DESS® Implants performed by David Cuervo, DESS® Technical Support Specialist.

dess implants presentation

Afterwards, participants witnessed a live surgery conducted by Dr. Ignacio Mayo. The placement of 14 DESS® CONICAL BLT Implants into one patient provided a firsthand glimpse into advanced implant techniques. Subsequently, an engaging Q&A session with Dr. Mayo fostered dialogue and deeper understanding of the surgery.

dess implants live surgery

The day concluded with a delightful dinner, fostering mutual support among partners and the DESS® Team at Camping Mar Restaurant.

New DESS® Products Presentation and Strategic Vision

The second day started bright an early, with a New DESS® Products Presentation and Training led by DESS® Technical Support Specialist Oriol Tura, with the support of Manuel Gomez, DESS® Chief Technical Officer. Attendees received in-depth technical information on the latest additions, followed by an interactive session where questions and feedback were encouraged.

dess new products

DESS® CEO Roger Terrats then shared the company's growth strategy, underscoring the collaborative efforts to drive business success.

business growth session

Hands-On Experience and Goal Setting

Furthermore, our partners had the opportunity to personally experience our new products and components through hands-on interaction with physical samples. They could touch, feel, and even experiment with them, gaining a deeper understanding of their features and benefits.

dess products practice

Coaching Session and Business Goals

After a refreshing lunch break, participants engaged in an inspiring coaching session led by international trainer Ana Stevanovic DMD MSc: Goals that matter, Business that matters.

dess coaching growth

This was followed by a Group Dynamic's Activity focused on setting impactful business goals, facilitated by Ana Stevanovic and DESS® Business Advisor Hans Berglund. At the end of the session, all our Distributors and DESS® Team members set collective business goals.

dess distributors meeting setting goals that matter

Networking Dinner

The day concluded with a corporate dinner, providing an opportunity for meaningful connections among attendees and DESS® leadership.

dess leadership dinner

DESS® Factory Tour & Products Workflow

The final day took place at DESS® facilities, commencing with a warm welcome over coffee. Attendees then embarked on a comprehensive tour of our premises, including a guided exploration of our factory. Here, our valued distributors gained firsthand insight into the meticulous manufacturing process of DESS® products. From the initial design phase through to the quality control measures and final packaging, they witnessed every step of our workflow, gaining deeper appreciation for our commitment to excellence.

dess factory tour

Surprise Activity | Cava Tasting

Finally, a special surprise activity took guests to Caves Freixenet, where they experienced a guided tour of the cellars and enjoyed a Cava tasting session, with a lovely lunch in beautiful surroundings.

dess visit cava tasting

Resounding Success and Continued Growth

Overall, the DESS® Distributors Meeting 2024 was a resounding success, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mutual support among DESS® Partners and the DESS® Team. We look forward to continued growth and success in the future.