Ti Base compatible with Dentsply Ankylos®


Screw included


Much more than a Ti-Base

DESS® Ti-Base stands as the Ultimate Titanium Base, equipped with SelectGrip®, enhanced bonding retention, and diverse gingival heights. These attributes amplify its performance, distinguishing it from other Ti-Bases available.

  • SelectGrip® Surface: 5 times more bonding retention. The integration of sandblasting treatment during production significantly enhances effectiveness compared to manual lab techniques. This ensures superior preservation of the gingival region and excellent cementation grip.
  • Proven bond enhancement: Shaft with parallel walls.
  • Customizable to patient specifications: Varied gingival heights.
  • CAD/CAM excellence: Enjoy absolute creative freedom with numerous choices. DESS® provides free Libraries for Exocad®, 3Shape®, DentalWings®, and BlenderforDental®.