Visit from our German distributor – Metaux Precieux Dental GmbH

Friday was another busy day at DESS®, as we gladly welcomed Metaux Precieux, one of our distributors in Germany, who brought their sales team to an intensive training session to our premises.

Their business trip started on Thursday evening, with a welcome dinner with some of DESS’ team members at a restaurant in Barcelona city.

The following day took place at DESS’ facilities, starting with a presentation of our company, its history and trajectory. Afterwards, our Technical Support team gave personalised training about our products such as DESSLoc®, DESS® Multi-unit abutments and AURUMBase®, going through their attributes, applications and added values. Lastly, our guests were trained on the Digital Workflow, including CAD/CAM protocols, DESS® libraries and a comparison with the analogue workflow.

The training sessions were followed by a tour of our factory, where the visitors were shown DESS’ production flow, from the design phase through to packaging and distribution, including the whole manufacturing process and quality controls. To conclude the day, our guests had lunch at our premises with our team.

On the last day, Metaux Precieux’s team had a guided bus tour around Barcelona which included the city’s most emblematic sights.

We were absolutely delighted to have hosted Metaux Precieux sales team for a really productive and interesting training session at our premises and we hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!

Thanks to these visits, we are able to strengthen relationships with our distributors and improve trust between both parties. Therefore, we would like to give a huge thank you to our distributors for their confidence in our brand and team on behalf of DESS® Dental.