Digital Workflow Catalogue

We are in the midst of the Digital Revolution, an era in which dentistry is continuously evolving and technology has significantly improved the way we organise our work by giving dental clinics and laboratories new tools that allow for a faster, more efficient and precise working method that has transformed the dental profession: the Digital Workflow.

We are aware that digitalising the full workflow and working digitally can be challenging for a lot of dental professionals. It is in this context that we have identified the need for a catalogue that describes and explains the digital workflow as well as all the products involved in it, highlighting their features and how to efficiently work with them digitally. Therefore, DESS® has created the Digital Workflow Catalogue 2023, which will be available from January 1st.

With DESS® products assortment you have everything you need to cover your whole digital workflow needs:

  • AURUMBase®
  • C-Base®
  • DESS transfers
  • ElliptiBase®
  • Ti-Base®
  • DESS intraoral and desktop scan abutments
  • Analogues for 3D printed models
  • DESS Multi-Unit Abutments
  • DESS screws
  • DESS Pre-milled Blanks
  • DESS Holders
  • DESSLoc®


All these products are included in DESS® libraries which are fully compatible with CAD softwares, available for Exocad, 3shape and dentalwings. You can download DESS libraries for free by following this link.

Also included in the catalogue, you can find how to use DESS Pre-milled Blanks and how to set up DESS Holders to bring all your customised restorations to reality as smoothly as it gets!

You can download the Digital Workflow catalogue in PDF format here. You can also request physical copies of the catalogue by sending an email to or by calling   +34 937 198 995.

If you have any technical questions related to our digital workflow or on how to install our libraries, please contact our Technical Support team at or +34 93 719 89 95.