Progress in the Vicente Ferrer Foundation’s Angawadi project, in which DESS Dental participates

In 2020, DESS Dental collaborated on several charity projects for different foundations and ONGs. Among them, in December of that year, we made a donation of €3,000 to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation for the project to build an Angawadi – an educational and primary care centre in India. As our C.E.O., Roger Terrats, says, "Education is the beginning to end inequalities and poverty".

One of the main objectives of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy is to have a positive impact on society by participating in international projects related to health and wellbeing, such as the Vicente Ferrer Foundation's project to help women and children in South India.

The construction of this maternal and child health care centre in Jilledukunta Village in the Madakasira Mandal region of the Anantapur district started in January 2021. Although India experienced a second wave of severe COVID-19 with a very high infection rate in 2021, the project went ahead with completion scheduled for July 2022.

During the process of the building construction, various awareness-raising workshops are being held at the village community centre to raise mothers' awareness of several key health aspects – personal hygiene, immunization, reproductive health care and women’s role in environmental sustainability. This project’s direct beneficiaries will be 78 people: 5 pregnant women, 6 new mothers, 25 adolescent girls, 17 girls and 25 boys aged 0-6 years.

Below, you can see some images of the current state of the project and the construction process of the centre provided by the Vicente Ferrer Foundation: