DESS Dental Launches New Catalogue 2022

DESS Dental presents the new Catalogue 2022/2 and the new Reference Guide 2022, where you will find new products and references. Thanks to the great team of professionals who work daily to find innovative solutions, we can facilitate the workflow of dentists and dental technicians.

In addition, we collaborate with various professionals in the dental sector and have the latest technology in machinery that allows us to manufacture the best prosthetic attachments for dental implants under the highest quality standards.

DESS Dental Catalogue 2022/2

In both catalogues you will find the new products we have included and references for some compatibilities:

  • Special tools for DESSLoc®: Direct to torque wrench for Nobel BiocareTM (DTACTLOC) and direct to torque wrench for Straumann® (DTSTRLOC)
  • Ti Base extracting tools: for Conelog® NP/RP connection (DCCON), for Conelog® WP connection (DCCON50), for Zimmer® Screw-Vent (DCZIM) and for Medentis ICX® connection (DCICX)
  • PEEK temporary abutment for Multi-unit connection: new references with RP/4.8 platform for Torx Ball and 1.20mm, 1.22mm, 1.27mm screws. New references with WP/6.5 platform for UniGrip.
  • New references for Astra Tech Implant SystemTM EV compatibility: Ti Bases, Healing Abutment and Pre-milled Blank references for the EV/5.4 platform and new ELLIPTIBase, Healing Abutment, and Pre-milled blank references for the EV/3.0 platform

DESS Dental's prosthetic solutions will help you to maximize your workflow. Check out our wide range of prosthetic abutments for the most popular dental implant brands on the market!

DESS Dental 2022 Reference Guide

In addition to the complete catalogue with all the dental abutments we have available for the 32 most popular connections on the market, this year we wanted to create a Reference Guide. This is a smaller catalogue summarised and sorted by product categories, and compatibilities, with a focus on dental laboratories. This guide aims to facilitate the work of searching for products in dental laboratories that usually search by product and references, not so much by brands.

We encourage you to download the two new catalogues in PDF format. You can also request a copy in physical format and we will send it to you as soon as possible. For more information about our products or dental solutions, please do not hesitate to contact our technical team by sending an email to or by calling free phone +34 937 198 995.