ELLIPTIBase® the revolutionary Ti Base created for limited interdental space
Last Update on Dec 21, 2021
What are the advantages of ELLIPTIBase®?
ELLIPTIBase® has a unique elliptical design that improves the outcome of prosthetic and aesthetic restorations by offering virtually the same cementation area.
ELLIPTIBase® by DESS® Dental is a dental solution developed by an excellent team of professionals. It has been created to offer an attachment that allows the dental technician or dentist to work comfortably, quickly and so that the patient can enjoy a better aesthetic result.
In various situations, due to the characteristics of the maxilla or mandible, the position of the teeth or the particular piece that needs to be restored, the lack of space in the oral cavity can make it difficult to work. This can inhibit correct manipulation of the dental implant solutions currently on the market.
The ELLIPTIBase® from DESS® Dental has been developed specifically to solve this type of problem. Its characteristics remain intact after adjustment to the patient's unique structure. This is achieved thanks to:
  • A unique design for easy positioning in the mouth.
  • Two positions are available depending on the orientation of the implant: A (Corner) B (Flat).
  • 20˚ entry angle in the access channel and reduced shaft height.
  • ZrN (Zirconium nitride) surface treatment improves the overall mechanics to reduce inflammation and plaque adhesion.
  • 22% reduction in product size without affecting the cementation zone.
  • Increased retention to the restoration by up to 500% with SelectGrip® surface treatment.


ELLIPTIBase® is a specially designed solution for restorations with 3.0 and 3.5 platform implants. It is specifically for those in the incisor position, where the work is more intensive, and the aesthetic result is of vital importance.
For more information, consult the ELLIPTIBase® online catalogue: NobelActiveTM & NobelReplace® CC, Zimmer Screw-Vent®, Straumann® Bone Level, Straumann® Tissue Level & SynOcta® and BioHorizons® Internal are available.
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