DESS Dental New 2023 Catalogues are here!


We are delighted to present the new DESS® Dental Catalogue 2023 along with the Quick Reference Guide 2023, where you will find the latest versions of all our products and references.

Thanks to our great team of professionals who work daily to find innovative solutions, DESS® Dental is able to provide dental professionals with our full range of products, including new additions and the latest updates and improvements.


DESS® Dental Catalogue 2023

DESS® Dental Catalogue includes all the dental abutments we have available for the 31 most popular connections on the market, our Multi-Unit connection, DESSLoc®, Holders and Blocks, tools and screws.

With DESS® Dental products assortment you have everything you need to cover all your prosthetic needs. Check out our wide range of prosthetic abutments for the most popular dental implant brands on the market!


New 2023 added references:

  • Manual tool for Intraoral Scan abutment included with Intraoral Scan abutment.
  • New DESSLoc® references for 3i® Osseotite® and 3i® Certain®
  • New Ti-Base heights for Straumann® Bone Level compatibility.
  • New Multi-Unit references for Zimmer Screw-Vent®
  • New references for Astra Tech Implant SystemTM EV compatibility.
  • New Ti-Base and AURUMBase 10 packs for Multi-Unit Connection.


DESS Dental Quick Reference Guide 2023

DESS® Dental Quick Reference Guide consists in a smaller catalogue summarized and sorted by product categories and compatibilities, with a focus on dental laboratories. This guide aims to facilitate the work of searching for products in dental laboratories that usually search by product and references.

You can download the DESS® Dental Catalogue 2023 here and the Quick Reference Guide 2023 here. You can also request physical copies of the catalogues by sending an email to or by calling +34 937 198 995.

If you have any technical questions related to our digital workflow or on how to install our libraries, please contact our Technical Support team at or +34 93 719 89 95.