The Zero Waste Implant

DESS is committed to environmental sustainability, and we’ve been working on several projects to reduce waste and our impact on the environment. Now with the launch of DESS' Implant range we want to extend this philosophy to the product life cycle with the zero-waste implant with infinite packaging.

What does ‘Zero Waste implant’ mean?

  • 100% Recycled cardboard box
  • Widely Recyclable PET blister
  • Titanium reusable/recyclable vial

How can you help us with the recycling process?

We would still like to thank your commitment to helping us create the most sustainable implant on the market. For this reason, for every ten packs returned, you will get 1 FREE IMPLANT. In this process your help is very valuable, you can contribute to a greener future in just 3 steps!

  1. Repack the empty vial inside the blister
  2. Place them both inside the empty implant carboard box
  3. Gather as many units as you can and send them back to your supplier. Your supplier will provide you with a return box that fits 20/40 packs. Then, send these back to them.

Our carriers have different CO2 emissions neutralization initiatives, but in order to minimise transportation impact, please don’t send half-empty boxes!

Remember: Recycle/reutilise the packaging and prevent these from damaging our planet

With your commitment, we can achieve the first eco-friendly implant on the market!

What is the recycling cycle?

We create a process that ensures full sustainability of the product’s life cycle. We assume the integral collection of the packaging, making sure no waste is generated.

We have reduced the use of paper and plastic in our packaging to the minimum. Instead, we have introduced our ground-breaking titanium vial. Why? Because a titanium vial can be sterilized and re-used creating absolutely ZERO Waste.

This process will be repeated until vials fail to pass our quality checks in which case they will be sent for recycling.

We not only achieve a packaging that can be used and reused endlessly, through our titanium vials we reduce plastic in our planet and avoid another manufacturing process. By using a titanium vial, we not only protect the implant, we also have the possibility to reuse it endlessly.

Zero Waste Implant catalogs

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