DESS Dental Smart Solutions is a prosthetic solutions provider. Our mission is to be leader in the field of quality dental abutments. Following this idea, all our abutments are tested under the most exhaustive quality controls.

DESS® products are manufactured by Terrats Medical S.L., company with more than 70 years of experience in the manufacturing of precision mechanical components. If you want to know more, take a look at our timeframe!

DESS® Dental is present in more than 40 countries and offers the widest range of dental abutments and prosthetic solutions 100% compatible with the most popular implant systems in the market.

We enhance our dental abutments and prosthetic solutions with some of these technologies: SelectGrip®, a surface treatment developed for components made of titanium resulting in significant adhesion improvement for cemented dental restorations. The retention values increase by up to 500% compared to the same untreated abutment. Or Zirconium nitride (ZrN) treatment, which is a surface treatment that reduces plaque build-up and inflammation. Keep reading to know how we do it in DESS Technologies section!

The flexibility to choose between different implant connections and platforms is one of the DESS® advantages. Competitive pricing up to 65% below implant brands, Specialised technical support and fast delivery within 24 hours are further plus points.

The DESS® Dental abutments are conceived under the Pure Switch concept, which means they can easily replace any implant brand prosthetic parts. This concept gives the professional a great deal of flexibility, as he can use both the implant brand product and the DESS® product without losing any of its features.

The Pure Switch responds to the need to create a prosthetic solution that can fully replace the implant brand without compromising the quality or strength of the product. All our abutments are tested to guarantee their correct functioning. Following this idea, the backbone of the Pure Switch concept is our screw, as it is identical to the implant brand and perfectly interchangeable. We offer easy-to-use and time-saving solutions.

DESS® product range has been conceived around the most popular dental implant connections but has been evolving to become the most complete range of compatible products in the market. At DESS® we have the flexibility to create and launch new compatibilities, our scalable production capabilities allow us to adapt easily. We have available more than 2.500 product references and 32 compatibilities manufactured under the Pure Switch concept. Check all our compatibilities in the products section.

CAD/CAM technologies offer different possibilities to save costs and time. Streamlining the workflow starting with the intraoral scan, designing and milling the individual crowns without the need to create a working model. At DESS® Dental we offer a complete range of digital solutions for dental implants, as well as the ANGLEBase, Pre-milled Blanks, Digital Analogues, Scan Abutments, C-Base, ELLIPTIBase, among others.

All these products can be used with the free DESS® Dental CAD/CAM libraries for Exocad®, Dental Wings® and 3Shape®. You can download STL files and library guides in the libraries section. For technical issues, please contact us at

All DESS® Dental products are manufactured under the strictest quality controls. Accredited by the most rigorous certifications worldwide, we have ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, FDA (Food and Drug Administration), CE, Canada Health, MDSAP (Medical Device Single Audit Program) and other rigorous certifications. You can consult or download in the downloads section. For us, quality is intrinsically linked to our activity. That is why all our products are subjected to the strictest quality controls.

DESS quality allows us to confidently offer products that are guaranteed for a lifetime. Our warranty is probably the most comprehensive in the market. With a Lifetime Warranty on all DESS® components and the 3rd party implants used together with DESS® products.

If we can help you with more information about our products, dental solutions or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at, by telephone or sending a request form (by filling a formulary). We are available to solve your questions!


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Jordi Terrats

Production manager

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Ramon Terrats

Technical Office Manager

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Cristina Cancho

Chief Corporate Officer

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Chief Marketing and Comercial Officer

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1947 - Founded in Barcelona. Manufacture of precision mechanical components

1970 - 70% of production using Swiss-style automatic lathes

1988 - First purchase of a Japanese numerical control Okuma CNC lathe

1997 - First Japanese Okuma CNC machining center

1999 - First incorporation of DECO lathes specialized in micro precision machining

2000 - ISO 9001 Certification

2003 - 100% of production using numerical control CNC machines

2004 - First production of dental implant components

2008 - Creation of the sanitary department with its own clean room

2008 - Sanitary certificate ISO 13485 and CE up to class IIa

2008 - Creation of the DESS Dental Smart Solutions brand

2009 - SelectGrip Patent for surface finishes with a proven average increase of 200% in the retention of cemented crowns

2011 - DESS already has a presence in 16 countries around the world

2012 - Creation of DESS GmbH in Düsseldorf, Germany for direct sales

2013 - DESS extends the presence to 26 countries around the world

2014 - DESS extends the presence to 30 countries around the world

2015 - Health Canada approval

2017 - FDA Registration

2018 - We launch our angulated screw channel ANGLEBase®

2018 - 100% increase of the production

2020 - We added new connections to our catalogue. MDSAP Certification and Serbia Registration

2021 - UK and Saudi Arabia Registration

2021 - ELLIPTIBase® launch, for restorations with limited interdental space

2022 - Terrats Medical acquired 10 new machines for our production center. DESS has presence in 67 countries.