DESS Technologies, SelectGrip, Pure Switch, periocoat

DESS® Technologies | Best option on the market

DESS® Dental is much more than a universal abutment & implant manufacturer, we have the best team of experts and professionals in the field, top-notch installations and technology that allow us to create the best and most innovative products
Thanks to our manufacturing premises, equipped with cutting edge machinery, our Engineering Department and our dedicated team that strives for nothing less than excellence, we are able to improve our products with unique technologies and design features that make them the best option on the market
Quality, precision, innovation and efficiency are our core values, which drive us to constantly pursue improvement. Our team tirelessly seeks ways to make our prosthetic solutions more efficient every day. 
Keep reading to discover how DESS® Technologies enhance our products. 

SelectGrip® | Maximum Precision & Retention

DESS® SelectGrip® Surface offers 500% more bonding retention than an untreated surface. This is achieved through a sandblasting treatment applied during the manufacturing process, resulting in a flawless finish without risk for damages to critical surfaces that also preserves a clean gingival area, an achievement almost impossible to get in a laboratory manual procedure.

Periocoat® | Extended Implant Health


Periocoat® is DESS® patented Zirconium Nitride coating that increases strength and improves the overall mechanical performance. Additionally, it facilitates hygiene and helps reduce plaque adhesion and inflammation, lowering the chances of periimplantitis.

Periocoat® | The Science behind it

Surfaces treated with ZrN provenly improve the abutments performance as well as helping prevent diseases developed from the adhesion of plaque to the product’s surface.

Less biofilm genesis on the surface

Less biofilm and plaque mean less quantity and quality of bacteria that can cause soft tissue inflammation.

Increased collagen stability

ZrN creates less of an inflammatory burden and less collagen degradation in the gingival tissue, as evidenced by less aMMP8 biomarker in the gingival fluid.

Surface is more resistant to corrosion

Dental plaque produces acid that will corrode the surface and increase roughness. ZrN is harder and has a smaller friction coefficient which makes it more resistant to corrosion.

Increased adhesion of fibroblasts

A higher adhesion of fibroblasts locks the path between the surface and soft tissue, preventing bacteria to enter the gingival margin.

Six times harder than Titanium Oxide

ZrN will not scratch as easily when cleaned using curettes, ultrasound or other instruments. 

Warm gold hue

A warmer golden hue has aesthetic advantages compared to the titanium metallic colour. 

The Pure Switch Concept

DESS® Dental has integrated The Pure Switch Concept across our full product portfolio. 
The Pure Switch Concept is based on the principal that all our products and components are designed to be fully compatible and interchangeable with the implant connection.
This means our products can be seamlessly used with the implant systems components and vice versa.