Ti Base compatible with Xive®

35,00 €

Screw included


Much more than a Ti-Base

DESS® Ti-Base offers the Ultimate Titanium Base, featuring SelectGrip®, enhanced bond retention, and various gingival heights. These attributes elevate its performance, differentiating it from other Ti-Bases available.

  • SelectGrip® Surface: 500% more bonding retention. The integration of sandblasting treatment during manufacturing significantly bolsters efficacy compared to manual lab methods. This ensures superior preservation of the gingival region and excellent cementation hold.
  • Proven bond improvement: Shaft with parallel walls.
  • Customizable to patient specifications: Varied gingival heights.
  • CAD/CAM excellence: Enjoy absolute creative freedom with numerous choices. DESS® offers free Libraries for Exocad®, 3Shape®, DentalWings®, and BlenderforDental®.