Salva Soriano retires after 51 years of work at Terrats Medical

After 51 years of working at Terrats Medical, our colleague Salva Soriano is retiring. Today we want to look back on his career in the company, where he has worked with three generations of Terrats. He started working when he was just 14 years old – at that time, it was legal to work at that age. He started on August 17, 1971, and June 10, 2022, was his last day in the company.

He tells us how it all started in a small workshop in the middle of Barcelona. Due to his passion for mechanics, Mr. Josep Terrats (founder and grandfather of the three Terrats brothers who still run the company) gave him the opportunity to start as an apprentice. At that time, in addition to Josep Terrats and his son Ramon Terrats, Salva's father worked there.

"It has been many years of continuous learning, as well personal and professional development; a constant challenge to improve. We could divide all these years into three main stages, in which you had to reinvent yourself or you would be left behind." – Salva

In the early days, when the machines were manual, they mainly manufactured small metal parts and parts for car carburetors. Then came a second phase, when the company incorporated semi-automatic machinery, used lathes and copying machines, and began to manufacture components for security systems, as well as small metal and radio cassette parts.

Salva also tells us how the arrival of numerical control marked a turning point. It was an intense period of retraining and learning during which they even had to double shifts. After a few years, the company started manufacturing dental abutments – a challenge that has led us to become the company we are today. There were new machines, new manufacturing processes, and new systems. Computer numerical control marked a new beginning, in which the employees learned something new every hour.

Salva has been the factory manager for many years and is very happy to have been able to dedicate himself to what he was really passionate about.

Salva, your time at Terrats Medical does not end here. We hope that from time to time, you will tell your wife, "I'm going to the workshop" so that we can continue to see you in what has been your second home for so long.

We would like to thank Salva for all his effort, dedication, and loyal support during all these years and wish him all the best in this new stage. We will remember Salva for his predisposition to always help his colleagues and his vocation to find solutions to any problem that arose. On behalf of the team of Terrats Medical and DESS Dental: Thank you very much for everything, Salva! A big hug.