DESS Dental's new digital analogues for dental implants

Last Update on Dec 20, 2021

At DESS® Dental we recommend our new digital analogs for dental implant prosthetics, which can be used both on traditional plaster models and 3D printed models.

These analogs for dental implants allow an extraordinary fixation even in cases of milled abutments on a plaster or 3D printing model. It includes a fixation screw on the lower part that allows maximum precision when attaching the analog to the implant. Their discreet size makes them easy to place, even in situations where the interdental space is very small or uneven.

Advantages of DESS® Dental dental analogs:

  • Manufactured in AiSi 303 Stainless Steel (not colored) or Titanium Grade 5 ELI GAL V grade 23 (anodized).
  • Maximum connection with the rest of the attachments used in dental restoration.
  • Effective circular retentions, self-locking and excellent stability in plaster models.
  • Innovative design with a single fixing screw to ensure that the lower part of the analog is securely fastened to the 3D model, guaranteeing accurate positioning.
  • The digital analogue also includes a 1.27 Hex head screw.
  • They are color-coded to match the implant platform for easy recognition.


At DESS® Dental you can choose the analog that best suits your needs and clinical cases. DESS® Dental compatible analogs are available for different implant systems, with a variety of platforms. Discover in this link all the analogs we have available.

If you need more information about DESS® Dental analogs, do not hesitate to contact our technical team writing an email to