DESS Dental at the CAD/CAM Event "Exocad Insights 2022"

The DESS Dental team attended the global CAD/CAM event "Exocad Insights 2022" on the 3rd and 4th of October at the Congress Centre in Palma de Mallorca. The event was organized by Exocad®, a leading provider of dental CAD/CAM software worldwide, and brought together dentists, dental technicians, and dental professionals from Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia, among others.

There were two intense days in which to connect with other colleagues in the sector, attend lectures and presentations on the latest trends in digital dentistry, examine case studies and attend demonstration sessions with leading software experts.

Our technical support team had the opportunity to present our abutments and prosthetic solutions in the digital workflow and highlight their advantages over other brands in the industry, focusing on the CAD/CAM solutions and digital products we offer.

During the event, attendees could enjoy several very interesting lectures: "How digital technology can support your business growth and efficiency" by Dr. Christian Coachman; "The digital road to esthetic success" by Dr. Diana Tadros and "Virtual to reality: The real power of integration in digital dentistry" by Prof. Dr. Guilherme Saavedra and MDT Waldo Zarco Nosti, among others.

DESS Dental would like to thank our customers for the trust they place in our brand. As we all know, there is a clear evolution to digital workflows for better efficiency, repetition, and precision. For this reason, we are committed to digital innovation and are constantly working to offer better digital solutions to facilitate the work of dentists and dental technicians. Thank you very much to all the attendees who visited us!

In the Downloads section of our website, you can download the DESS Dental CAD/CAM libraries compatible with Exocad®. If you have any questions about any of the libraries, please don’t hesitate to contact our technical team by sending an email to or by calling +34 937 198 995.