DESS® CONICAL BLT | The Zero Waste Implant

CONICAL BLT | When innovation meets sustainability

We are really proud to present The First Zero Waste Implant on the market: DESS® CONICAL BLT.

DESS Dental’s commitment to environmental sustainability has brought us to adopt a full ESG policy to reduce waste and our impact on the environment. We have gone one step further by extending this philosophy to the product’s lifecycle: we have created the Zero Waste Implant with "infinite packaging".

How is the Zero Waste Implant achieved?

We have achieved the First Zero Waste Implant on the market by developing two different initiatives:

  1. Reduction of the paper and plastic of our packaging to the minimum. Instead, we have introduced our ground-breaking Titanium vial. Why? Because a titanium vial can be sterilised and re-used multiple times, creating ZERO Waste.
  2. Waste collection process that assures full recycling, guaranteeing no waste is generated from our packaging.


CONICAL BLT packaging

We recycle or re-use 100% of its packaging.

• 100% Recyclable cardboard box
• Widely Recyclable PET blister
• Titanium reusable and recyclable vial

The recycling cycle

We have come full circle by creating a process that ensures full sustainability of the product’s life cycle. We assume the integral collection of the packaging, making sure no waste is generated.

Go to The Zero Waste Implant page to discover more about it.

The Optimal Bone Level Implant

Fully compatible with Straumann® BL, DESS® CONICAL BLT has been carefully designed to be the optimal Bone Level Implant solution.

Bone Level tapered Implant Design

CONICAL BLT’s bone level tapered implant design allows for maximised crestal bone preservation and micro-gap control.

Transmucosal or submucosal healing combined with the use of a healing abutment results in a less invasive and faster treatment, thus avoiding a secondary surgical intervention.

Discover all CONICAL BLT components available.

CONICAL BLT | Designed to perfection.

The DESS Implant is improved with several features and benefits that enable it to excel in efficiency, quality and durability, characteristics that allow CONICAL BLT to achieve the best results and, consequently, a longer implant lifespan.

Discover the attributes that make CONICAL BLT the smartest choice for implantology treatment.

The connection | Dual Function

Internal Conical connection at 15o with four internal grooves that improve stability and reduce the chances of screw loosening whilst engaging the prosthetic component for easy alignment.

The conical connection allows for a better sealing of the implant-abutment connection, therefore being more effective against leakages compared to flat connections.

Osseointegration Surface Technology

CONICAL BLT’s surface is composed of a double treatment of acid etch and sandblasting that assures optimal bone growth.

DESS® Osseointegration Surface Technology complies with SLA standards and is achieved by using two different processes which, when combined, present a double range roughness composed of large “holes” due to sandblasting,

sandblasting OST

and microroughness due to acid etching,

acid etch OST

making this double treatment the optimal surface topography for osseointegration.

Coldworked Titanium Grade IV

CONICAL BLT is composed of cold worked Titanium Grade 4 for superior mechanical resistance.

Tapered Apical and Self-cutting design.

CONICAL BLT’s tapered apical and self-cutting design is ideal for soft or very soft bone, where primary stability is key.

apical design

Full range of Prosthetic Abutments

DESS Dental’s full portfolio of prosthetic abutments and relevant components is available for CONICAL BLT.

Furthermore, thanks to DESS® Pure Switch Concept, CONICAL BLT is 100% compatible with the ‘brand of reference’ abutments and components and can be used in combination with them.

The Surgical Kit

• Designed to be simple and easy to use.
• Customisable to the different protocols arranging the drills as per the case needs.
• Drills available in 4 different lengths: 25mm, 29mm, 33mm & 41mm.
• 100% compatible with the kits of the brand of reference.

Download the CONICAL BLT catalogue to get all the information about the surgical kit and its components.

If you want to learn more about DESS® CONICAL BLT, you can visit the CONICAL BLT website, download the catalogue or head to this product’s section on our website. You can also contact us for more information at